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Date: Tuesday 10, 2009

Category: Report

Language: English

Organisation: Global Smokefree Partnership


Global Voices: 2009 Status Report

Rebutting the tobacco industry, winning smokefree air -

On 10 November, 2009, the Global Smokefree Partnership launched its 2009 status report, Rebutting the tobacco industry, winning smokefree air. The theme for the report is tobacco industry interference.

Rebutting the tobacco industry, winning smokefree air is the first report to detail the tobacco industry’s tactics to hold back legislation, alongside the positive impact of governments, organizations and individuals who are taking on Big Tobacco, and winning. 

The biggest barrier to smokefree air is the multinational tobacco companies who stand to lose billions of dollars if smokefree laws are implemented. From fake “science” to buying influence, and from scare stories to cover-ups, tobacco companies continue to devote their considerable wealth to stopping smokefree laws in every region of the world.

Rebutting the tobacco industry, winning smokefree air will be released at a critical time. In late 2008, world governments agreed to a series of FCTC guidelines based on the recognition that tobacco company interests are fundamentally incompatible with health, welfare or “good causes.” These guidelines outline governments’ responsibilities under Article 5.3 of the FCTC on tobacco industry interference. They are expressly designed to stop Big Tobacco’s dirty tricks. The guidelines are essential to winning the battle for smokefree air.

By highlighting the story of those countries that have successfully worked for smokefree air since the adoption of the Article 8 guidelines, Rebutting the tobacco industry, winning smokefree air is a testimony to the surge of the smokefree movement and of the Article 8 guidelines’ importance in the development of these measures.