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Date: Monday 01, 2007

Category: Report

Language: English

Organisation: ASH London

Keywords: global smokefree smoking ban policy legislation

International trends towards smokefree provisions

Currently, eight countries have nation-wide laws in place that prohibit smoking in enclosed workplaces and public places, including bars and restaurants. On 29 March 2004, Ireland became the first country in the world to ban smoking in all indoor workplaces. This was followed by Norway (June 2004), New Zealand (December 2004) and Bhutan (March 2005). In 2006, Uruguay went smokefree on 1 March followed by Scotland on 26 March 2006 and Singapore in July. From 1 January 2007, Lithuania's smokefree law came into effect. In addition, legislation has been passed in 15 US States (including Washington DC), nine (of 13) Canadian provinces and territories, and seven (of eight) Australian states/territories. Iceland and the rest of the UK will implement laws during 2007. Malta, Sweden, Italy, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Prince Edward Island ban smoking in workplaces but allow designated smoking rooms in bars and restaurants.