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Policy recommendations on protection from exposure to secondhand smoke

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, legislation, policy, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, health,

Scientific evidence has firmly established that there is no safe level of exposure to second- hand... read more

Going Smokefree in New Zealand: Lessons from the Battlefield

Keywords: New, Zealand, policy, legislation, public, support, implementation, evaluation,

ObjectivesTo identify and assess the key strategies in support of the passage of the Smoke-free... read more

Ventilation technology does not protect people from secondhand tobacco smoke

Keywords: ventilation, air, quality, health, tobacco, industry,

“At present, the only means of effectively eliminating health risks associated with indoor... read more

Ventilation resource page

Keywords: ventilation, air, quality, health, tobacco, industry,

  In July 2006, U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona declared that the debate is over about... read more

Tobacco’s dirty tricks resource page

Keywords: tobacco, industry, preemption, ventilation, economics,

Tobacco companies are the engineers behind the scenes keeping the trains running on time for the... read more

Making the case for smokefree laws: a series of one-page factsheets

Keywords: policy, legislation, workplace, health, economics,

  The scientific evidence is clear: Secondhand smoke is a proven cause of serious diseases... read more

Lifting the smokescreen: 10 reasons for a smoke-free Europe

Keywords: Europe, economics, policy, hospitality, ventilation, public, opinion,

A total of 79,000 people in Europe die each year as a result of passive smoking, says a report published... read more