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Clearing the Air: Communicating a Smoke-free Viet Nam

Case Study

Keywords: Vietnam, Viet, Nam, communications, strategy, advocates, knowledge,

Clearing the Air: Communicating a Smoke-free Viet Nam.  Case Study

Policy recommendations on protection from exposure to secondhand smoke

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, legislation, policy, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, health,

Scientific evidence has firmly established that there is no safe level of exposure to second- hand... read more

Introductory report: decent work, safe work

Keywords: workplace, health, safety, policy, smokefree,

Throughout the world, there is growing acceptance that accidents and ill-health at work impact not... read more

Going Smokefree in New Zealand: Lessons from the Battlefield

Keywords: New, Zealand, policy, legislation, public, support, implementation, evaluation,

ObjectivesTo identify and assess the key strategies in support of the passage of the Smoke-free... read more

Keywords: China, secondhand, smoke, policy, tobacco, industry,

BackgroundEach year, 540 million Chinese are exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS), resulting in more... read more

Mass Media Resource Kit

Keywords: Mass, media, tobacco, control, advertising, campaign,

This packet offers a set of powerful tools in the fight against tobacco and smoking. Hard-hitting... read more

Enforcing Strong Smoke-Free Laws: The Advocate’s Guide to Enforcement Strategies

Keywords: policy, legislation, enforcement, compliance,

This guide is designed primarily for use by nongovernmental advocates, especially in developing... read more