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Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Study

Keywords: Air, Quality, Monitoring, AQM, India, public, places,

This study helped in identifying the quality of air in public places like restaurants, bars, pubs... read more

Brief Secondhand Smoke Exposure Depresses Endothelial Progenitor Cells Activity...

Sustained Vascular Injury and Blunted Nitric Oxide Production

Keywords: acute, secondhand, smoke, SHS, exposure, endothelial, progenitor, cells, EPCs,

This study sought to analyze the effects of acute secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure on the number... read more

Tobacco smoke exposure in homes of Mexico City: environmental analysis of nicotine...

Keywords: Tobacco, smoke, nicotine, air, hair, homes, children, women, Mexico,

In Mexico no evaluation on environmental tobacco smoke has been conducted. The objective of this... read more

Exposición al humo de tabaco en hogares de la Ciudad de México: análisis...

Keywords: Humo, tabaco, nicotina, aire, cabello, hogares, mujeres, xico,

En México no se han efectuado evaluaciones de la exposición al humo de tabaco ambiental... read more

A Smoke-Free Lebanon: Reality or Pipedream

Keywords: Lebanon, CNN, Middle, East, smokefree,

CNN interview with Dr. Georges Saade, cardiologist, former WHO official and committed anti-smoking... read more

The Impact of Massachusetts’ Smoke-Free Workplace Laws on Acute Myocardial...

Keywords: heart, Cardiovascular, smoke, free, smoking, ban, USA,

This study examines the rate of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) deaths in Massachusetts before... read more

The Failure of Partial Smoking Bans in Hospitality Venues: The Example of Germany...

Keywords: partial, smoking, bans, hospitality, venues, Spain, Germany,

Conclusive evidence and international consensus demonstrate that there is no safe level of exposure... read more

Smoke-free Legislation and Hospitalizations for Childhood Asthma

Keywords: asthma, children, hospitalization, heart, disease, smokefree, legislation,

This study proves that comprehensive legislation to protect non-smokers from the harmful effects... read more

Reducing Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Prisons

Keywords: Smokefree, Prisons, Article, Outdoor,

This is one in a series of background papers on challenging issues in smokefree air policy that... read more

The Trend Toward Smokefree Outdoor Areas

Keywords: Smokefree, Outdoors, Article,

This is one in a series of background papers on challenging issues in smokefree air... read more