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Smoke-free Legislation and Hospitalizations for Childhood Asthma

Keywords: asthma, children, hospitalization, heart, disease, smokefree, legislation,

This study proves that comprehensive legislation to protect non-smokers from the harmful effects... read more

Secondhand smoke: Assessing the burden of disease at national and local levels

Keywords: secondhand, smoke, lung, health, children, adults, respiratory, illness,

This guide describes how to estimate the burden of disease caused by exposure to SHS on a national... read more

Smoking and tobacco control monograph no. 10: health effects of exposure to...

Keywords: United, States, California, health, environmental, tobacco, smoke, secondhand, carcinogen,

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has been linked to a variety of adverse health outcomes.... read more

Italy and Austria before and after study: second-hand smoke exposure in hospitality...

Keywords: Italy, Austria, secondhand, smoke, smoking, ban, hospitality, air, quality,

The aim of this paper was to compare nicotine concentration in 28 hospitality premises (HPs) in... read more

CalEPA report: proposed identification of environmental tobacco smoke as a toxic...

Keywords: California, secondhand, smoke, health, air, quality, cardiovascular,

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand... read more

The Tobacco Atlas, Third Edition

Keywords: tobacco, use, control, economics, FCTC, policy,

  Tobacco—the only consumer product proven to kill more than half of its regular users—is... read more

Secondhand smoke ads

Keywords: advocacy, media, advertising, secondhand, smoke,

The secondhand smoke ads highlight the damaging effects of exposure to second hand smoke for family,... read more

Mass Media Resource Kit

Keywords: Mass, media, tobacco, control, advertising, campaign,

This packet offers a set of powerful tools in the fight against tobacco and smoking. Hard-hitting... read more

Making the case for smokefree laws: a series of one-page factsheets

Keywords: policy, legislation, workplace, health, economics,

  The scientific evidence is clear: Secondhand smoke is a proven cause of serious diseases... read more