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Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Cardiovascular Effects: Making Sense of the Evidence

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Evidence suggests that exposure to secondhand smoke also can result in adverse health... read more

Tobacco smoke and involuntary smoking: IARC monographs volume 83

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IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to HumansVolume 83Tobacco Smoke and Involuntary... read more

The health consequences of involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke: a report of...

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This Surgeon General’s report returns to the topic of the health effects of involuntary exposure... read more

Smoking and tobacco control monograph no. 10: health effects of exposure to...

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Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has been linked to a variety of adverse health outcomes.... read more

Ventilation resource page

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  In July 2006, U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona declared that the debate is over about... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Campuses

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Tobacco-free education is a human right for all young people as tobacco is the world’s leading... read more

Secondhand smoke in the home. Factsheet No. 25

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The health impact of involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke is well established and has resulted... read more

Secondhand smoke. Factsheet No 8

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Breathing other people's smoke is called passive, involuntary or secondhand smoking. The non-smoker... read more