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Fundamentals of Smokefree Workplace Laws

Keywords: USA, smokefree, policy, legislation, enforcement,

A national consensus document created by public health groups on policy dealbreakers and guidance... read more

Gender and Tobacco Control: A Policy Brief

Keywords: women, gender, tobacco, control, policy, global,

Summary of recommendations1. Incorporate gender into tobacco control measures1.1. Make tobacco products... read more

Smoking prevalence in Italy after the smoking ban: Towards a comprehensive evaluation...

Keywords: Italy, Europe, smoking, ban, smokefree, prevalence, tobacco, control,

The data reported by Gallus et al. in this issue (Gallus et al., 2007) are extremely important for... read more

Effect of the Italian Smoking Ban on Population Rates of Acute Coronary Events

Keywords: Italy, air, quality, prevention, myocardial, infarction, heart, diseases, social, class,

Background—Several countries in the world have not yet prohibited smoking in public places.... read more

Tobacco’s dirty tricks resource page

Keywords: tobacco, industry, preemption, ventilation, economics,

Tobacco companies are the engineers behind the scenes keeping the trains running on time for the... read more

Facts and figures: Exposure to tobacco smoke

Keywords: health, policy, legislation,

Exposure to tobacco smoke   More than 79,000 adults died in 2002 as a result of passive smoking... read more

Economic impact of smokefree policies

Keywords: economics, policy, hospitality,

Almost every smokefree ordinance campaign includes a discussion on the economic impact of smokefree... read more

Global Map of Smokefree Laws

Keywords: legislation, policy, FCTC,

  The GLOBAL MAP OF SMOKEFREE LAWS give an overview of the smokefree status of the vast... read more