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La consultation d’aide au sevrage tabagique de l’institut de cancérologie...

The tobacco cessation consultation of the Salah-Azeiz Tunis cancer center: One year results

Keywords: Afrique, Tunisie, cessation, tabagisme, pronostic, consultation, Africa, Tunisia, smoking, prognosis,

Le tabagisme en Tunisie est devenu une priorité de santé publique. La consultation... read more

Women and the tobacco epidemic: challenges for the 21st century

Keywords: global, health, women, cessation, policy, economics, children, secondhand, smoke,

This book supports a powerful use of tobacco results in a net loss to countries’ and important... read more

WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008: The MPOWER package

Keywords: global, tobacco, economics, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, smokefree, taxation, advertising, monitoring, cessation, industry, policy,

Tobacco is the single most preventable cause of death in the world today. This year, tobacco will... read more

Patterns of global tobacco use in young people and implications for future chronic...

Keywords: youth, Global, Youth, Tobacco, Survey, chronic, disease, secondhand, smoke, gender,

BACKGROUND: Tobacco use is a leading preventable risk factor for many chronic disorders, which are... read more

Introductory report: decent work, safe work

Keywords: workplace, health, safety, policy, smokefree,

Throughout the world, there is growing acceptance that accidents and ill-health at work impact not... read more

Economics of Tobacco Control

Keywords: tobacco, control, economics,

These presentations draw on "Curbing the Epidemic: governments and the economics of tobacco... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Sports

Keywords: tobacco, free, health, policy, sports, venues,

Tobacco has no place in sport as it is the world’s leading killer, causing five million deaths... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Healthcare

Keywords: tobacco, free, healthcare, facility, health, professionals, cessation,

The Guide has been developed as part of a toolkit to promote and support tobacco-free policies in... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Tobacco-free Campuses

Keywords: tobacco, free, campus, schools, health, policy,

Tobacco-free education is a human right for all young people as tobacco is the world’s leading... read more

Tobacco-free Futures Action Guides: Smokefree City Case Studies

Keywords: smokefree, policy, research, campaigns, enforcement,

This document sets out guidance for conducting comprehensive but concise case studies of smokefree... read more