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La consultation d’aide au sevrage tabagique de l’institut de cancérologie...

The tobacco cessation consultation of the Salah-Azeiz Tunis cancer center: One year results

Keywords: Afrique, Tunisie, cessation, tabagisme, pronostic, consultation, Africa, Tunisia, smoking, prognosis,

Le tabagisme en Tunisie est devenu une priorité de santé publique. La consultation... read more

Policy recommendations on protection from exposure to secondhand smoke

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, legislation, policy, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, health,

Scientific evidence has firmly established that there is no safe level of exposure to second- hand... read more

National Response to Passive Smoking in Enclosed Public Places and Workplaces...

Keywords: Australia, smokefree, workplace, policy, legislation,

In 1998, following the recommendations contained in the Senate Community Affairs References Committee... read more