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A Smoke-Free Lebanon: Reality or Pipedream

Keywords: Lebanon, CNN, Middle, East, smokefree,

CNN interview with Dr. Georges Saade, cardiologist, former WHO official and committed anti-smoking... read more

Taking on the Tobacco Industry

Video Interview of Dr. Judith Mackay's Efforts to Ween China off Cigarettes.

Keywords: China, tobacco, control, Asia, CNN, advocacy, Judith, Mackay, cigarettes,

There are more than one billion smokers in the world. China is home to most of... read more

Lessons Learned Globally: Secondhand Smoke Mass Media Campaigns

Keywords: case, study, secondhand, smoke, campaign,

This document, released in January of 2010, synthesizes data from secondhand smoke campaigns around... read more

Russian Campaign Development Tool Kit

An International Guide for Planning and Implementing Stop Smoking Campaigns

Keywords: toolkit, campaign, Russian, advocacy,

This Tool Kit is an important resource for people who plan, develop and implement campaigns to... read more

Lecciones Globales Aprendidas: Campañas en los Medios de Comunicación Masiva...

Keywords: campaign, case, study, secondhand, smoke,

Este documento ha sido creado para proporcionar orientación a los defensores del control... read more

La consultation d’aide au sevrage tabagique de l’institut de cancérologie...

The tobacco cessation consultation of the Salah-Azeiz Tunis cancer center: One year results

Keywords: Afrique, Tunisie, cessation, tabagisme, pronostic, consultation, Africa, Tunisia, smoking, prognosis,

Le tabagisme en Tunisie est devenu une priorité de santé publique. La consultation... read more

The global momentum for smokefree public places: best practice in current and...

El momento global para espacios públicos libres de tabaco: mejores prácticas en políticas actuales y futuras

Keywords: global, smokefree, tobacco, legislation, policy, tabaco,

The Global Smokefree Partnership has recently prepared a map of smokefree campaigns and policies... read more

Porque todos respiramos lo mismo: Evaluation of a social marketing campaign...

Keywords: Mexico, City, social, marketing, smokefree, evaluation, media,

Objectives: To assess the reach and impact of a social marketing campaign to promote knowledge and... read more

Differential impact of local and federal smoke-free legislation in Mexico: A...

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, media, campaign, policy, Mexico,

OBJECTIVES:To assess the impact of Mexico City and federal smoke-free legislation on secondhand... read more