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The "Spanish Model" of Non-Smoker Protection in Hospitality Venues: A Failed...

Keywords: Spanish, Model, Non, smokers, protection, hospitality, venue, Germany,

This report is an overview of relevant expert opinions on the failure of ‘Spanish Model’... read more

Smoke-free policies and the social acceptability of smoking in Uruguay and Mexico:...

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, Mexico, Uruguay, middle, income, evaluation,

Introduction: Little research has been conducted to determine the psychosocial and behavioral impacts... read more

Perceived justice and popular support for public health laws: A case study around...

Keywords: Mexico, City, smokefree, perceived, justice, implementation, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control,

The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control promotes comprehensive... read more

Formation of carcinogens indoors by surface-mediated reactions of nicotine with...

Keywords: secondhand, smoke, thirdhand, indoor, environment, nitrosamine,

This study shows that residual nicotine from tobacco smoke sorbed to indoor surfaces reacts with... read more

National Response to Passive Smoking in Enclosed Public Places and Workplaces...

Keywords: Australia, smokefree, workplace, policy, legislation,

In 1998, following the recommendations contained in the Senate Community Affairs References Committee... read more

Italy and Austria before and after study: second-hand smoke exposure in hospitality...

Keywords: Italy, Austria, secondhand, smoke, smoking, ban, hospitality, air, quality,

The aim of this paper was to compare nicotine concentration in 28 hospitality premises (HPs) in... read more

Exposure to fine and ultrafine particles from secondhand smoke in public places...

Keywords: Italy, secondhand, smoke, smoking, ban, air, quality, cotinine,

Background: A smoking ban in all indoor public places was enforced in Italy on 10 January 2005. Methods:... read more

Economics of Tobacco Control

Keywords: tobacco, control, economics,

These presentations draw on "Curbing the Epidemic: governments and the economics of tobacco... read more

Smoking in the workplace (including model policy)

Keywords: smokefree, workplace, policy, economics,

Employers concerned about their employees may be able to improve their health and... read more