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Short Term Impact of Smoke-Free Legislation in England: Retrospective Analysis...

Keywords: myocardial, infarction, smoke, free, legislation, England, hospital,

This study measured the short term impact on hospital admissions for myocardial infarction... read more

Study of Public Place Intervention on Tobacco Exposure (STOPIT)

Keywords: Scotland, smokefree, legislation, acute, coronary, syndrome, secondhand, smoke,

Study Aims Assess the impact of smoke-free legislation on the number of admissions for acute... read more

Smoke-free Legislation and Hospitalizations for Acute Coronary Syndrome

Keywords: Scotland, smokefree, legislation, acute, coronary, syndrome, hospitalization,

Background Previous studies have suggested a reduction in the total number of hospital admissions... read more

The United Kingdom's National Health Service Smoke-free Resources

Keywords: United, Kingdom, policy, compliance, enforcement, public, support,

A wide range of resources have been developed to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do... read more

Passive smoking: the impact on children

Keywords: England, passive, smoking, secondhand, smoke, youth, health,

  Key Findings   Children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in England has... read more