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Preliminary effects of Italy's ban on smoking in enclosed public places

Keywords: Italy, smokefree, policy, implementation, evaluation,

From 10 January 2005, the Italian government enacted Law 3/20031 which bans smoking in all enclosed... read more

Policy recommendations on protection from exposure to secondhand smoke

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, legislation, policy, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control, health,

Scientific evidence has firmly established that there is no safe level of exposure to second- hand... read more

Patterns of global tobacco use in young people and implications for future chronic...

Keywords: youth, Global, Youth, Tobacco, Survey, chronic, disease, secondhand, smoke, gender,

BACKGROUND: Tobacco use is a leading preventable risk factor for many chronic disorders, which are... read more

Office for Tobacco Control Ireland website

Keywords: Ireland, policy, legislation, smokefree, compliance, enforcement, tobacco, control,

The functions of the Office of Tobacco Control in Ireland are to To advise the Minister for Health... read more

National Response to Passive Smoking in Enclosed Public Places and Workplaces...

Keywords: Australia, smokefree, workplace, policy, legislation,

In 1998, following the recommendations contained in the Senate Community Affairs References Committee... read more

Italy and Austria before and after study: second-hand smoke exposure in hospitality...

Keywords: Italy, Austria, secondhand, smoke, smoking, ban, hospitality, air, quality,

The aim of this paper was to compare nicotine concentration in 28 hospitality premises (HPs) in... read more

Introductory report: decent work, safe work

Keywords: workplace, health, safety, policy, smokefree,

Throughout the world, there is growing acceptance that accidents and ill-health at work impact not... read more

International trends towards smokefree provisions

Keywords: global, smokefree, smoking, ban, policy, legislation,

Overview:Currently, eight countries have nation-wide laws in place that prohibit smoking in enclosed... read more

How smoke-free laws improve air quality: a global study of Irish pubs

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, air, quality, policy,

INTRODUCTION: The present study examined indoor air quality in a global sample of smoke-free and... read more

Global Youth Tobacco Survey

Keywords: youth, gender, tobacco, control, GYTS,

The GYTS is a school-based survey that collects data on students aged 13–15 years using a... read more