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Secondhand smoke. Factsheet No 8

Keywords: secondhand, smoke, health,

Breathing other people's smoke is called passive, involuntary or secondhand smoking. The non-smoker... read more

Secondhand smoke ads

Keywords: advocacy, media, advertising, secondhand, smoke,

The secondhand smoke ads highlight the damaging effects of exposure to second hand smoke for family,... read more

Resource guide to smoking and non-smoking policies at major U.S. professional...

Keywords: United, States, policy, sports, venues, health,

The following is a collection of the smoking policies at more than 175 major U.S. professional and... read more

Passive smoking: the impact on children

Keywords: England, passive, smoking, secondhand, smoke, youth, health,

  Key Findings   Children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in England has... read more

Mass Media Resource Kit

Keywords: Mass, media, tobacco, control, advertising, campaign,

This packet offers a set of powerful tools in the fight against tobacco and smoking. Hard-hitting... read more

Making the case for smokefree laws: a series of one-page factsheets

Keywords: policy, legislation, workplace, health, economics,

  The scientific evidence is clear: Secondhand smoke is a proven cause of serious diseases... read more

Lifting the smokescreen: 10 reasons for a smoke-free Europe

Keywords: Europe, economics, policy, hospitality, ventilation, public, opinion,

A total of 79,000 people in Europe die each year as a result of passive smoking, says a report published... read more

Facts and figures: Exposure to tobacco smoke

Keywords: health, policy, legislation,

Exposure to tobacco smoke   More than 79,000 adults died in 2002 as a result of passive smoking... read more

Enforcing Strong Smoke-Free Laws: The Advocate’s Guide to Enforcement Strategies

Keywords: policy, legislation, enforcement, compliance,

This guide is designed primarily for use by nongovernmental advocates, especially in developing... read more